Learn the Systems, Not the Brand - Master Maintenance and Repair

New to RVing?

If you're a beginner and looking to learn more about managing and maintaining your RV, look no further than our RV Operations Course. Tailored for the RVing newb and guaranteed to get you out of your bricks & sticks and onto the road in pure confidence.

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"6 months ago I was looking for more information to learn about making repairs to our RV. I found the home study course and ordered it in hopes that I could learn the basics and be able to fix simple things. after receiving the course, it was so much more! I enjoyed it so much that I signed up to take the in person training and am working towards my certification as a RV tech. Thank you for a great product!!"

Shari Coleman Carroll

Tired Of Waiting On Repairs?

Check out our RV Maintenance & Repair course if you're looking to learn more about how to maintain your RV and fix over 80% of average issues. Time to save your time and money and put your RV into the best hands....yours!

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"I ordered the home course to see how well I absorbed the info. It was presented in such a way that I passed the exam with a 94%. Now I’m registered for the April 2022 class. I’m looking forward to the hands on learning."

Tom Terwilliger

Ready to Go Pro?

If you're ready to know what the pros know and learn how to work with any brand or chassis, then the RV Maintenance & Repair Pro course is for you.

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"Just completed the home study course and I am very happy with the course. I felt like I was in the class , being able to hear the questions generated by the other students . If you are interested in learning more about your RV or considering a future as a tech I definitely recommend this course!!!"

Alves Page

Meet the Instructor

Todd Henson

RVTAA Master Certified RV Technician & Professional Instructor

Todd is the Lead Technical Instructor and Director of Education for the National RV Training Academy in Athens, Texas. As such, he was the natural choice to be the instructor for this Home Study RV Maintenance and Repair course for RV owners. You'll enjoy his bearded wisdom, sharp wit, and his ability to break down complex subject matter into easily understandable components.

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    National RV Training Academy